World’s largest Donkey Kong arcade game to debut at The Strong Museum

Donkey Kong Arcade

All the museum’s visitors can play with the arcade just like the original (only a little bit bigger) Donkey Kong has always been present in some form in video games. The character, the soundtrack, the easter eggs, or even the game mechanics introduced by this franchise. He was even part of the new Super Mario … Read more

RetroMania Wrestling coming to iiRcade

The pick-up-and-play wrestling game RetroMania Wrestling is coming to the iiRcade home arcade machine. RetroMania Wrestling is the official sequel to the classic arcade wrestling game WWF Wrestlefest, which was released back in 1991. The sequel has a retro feel thanks to 2D sprites and fast-paced gameplay. The game features sixteen unique wrestlers such as … Read more

AtGames Legends Gamer Pro Review

Fans of arcade classics have had a great past several years as nostalgia for the glory days of arcades is in full swing. The AtGames Legends Gamer Pro is one of the better options on the market, at least in terms of price and quality of the build, although its game lineup is fairly weak. … Read more

ColecoVision classics are coming to the iiRcade home arcade machine

Fans of the ColecoVision will soon be able to play 39 officially-licensed classics on the iiRcade. Originally released in 1982, ColecoVision sold over two million units in the early 1980s as Coleco Industries’ second-generation home video game console. Now new gamers and old fans can revisit or discover titles like Bump N’ Jump, Cosmic Adventure, … Read more