Temtem, a Spanish game inspired by Pokémon, announces its version 1.0


The inclusion of a new island, challenges against trainers, and many more changes are coming in Temtem 1.0 It is impossible to overstate the influence Pokémon has had on the video game industry. They have even been the main source of inspiration for many games. One of the most popular today is Palworld, a game … Read more

Crying Suns: The tactical rogue-lite indie is coming to Nintendo Switch

Are you a fan of science fiction and rogue-lite video games? If you answered yes, then congratulations. Humble Games and Alt Shift Studio have revealed that the sci-fi rogue-lite game Crying Suns is coming to Nintendo Switch. Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite that casts you as a space fleet leader exploring a seemingly fallen … Read more

Humble Bundle announces Humble Games, a new indie game publishing service

Humble Bundle is expanding its partnerships with indie developers. The company announced today that it is launching Humble Games, a dedicated publishing service. Publishing games isn’t something new for Humble Bundle. They previously partnered with top indie developers to help launch titles like A Hat in Time, Wizard of Legend, Slay the Spire, and Temtem. … Read more