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What is Chocobo GP? A Switch racing game based in the Final Fantasy universe

Using a variety of fantastic characters from the Final Fantasy franchise, Chocobo GP players will be able to race toward the goal as the game’s stars, Chocobo and friends.

In addition to yesterday’s Nintendo Direct revelations, Square Enix has revealed a game that harkens back to the original Chocobo Racing game, which was only available on the original PlayStation. Chocobo GP, a new kart racing experience rooted in the Final Fantasy universe, will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Chocobo GP will challenge racers to master tracks from famous locales within the Chocobo and Final Fantasy series, where they will engage on a big journey with Chocobo and his pals as they enter a racing event to win an unbelievable prize: a unique wish!

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Classic circuits and a 64 player lobby

Chocobo GP highlights a number of interesting features, including numerous game types, such as Story mode and Custom Race mode. In addition to these two modes, there will be a Battle Royale option in which players may compete in survival races in a Bracket tournament with up to 64 other players.

Players in this new game will be able to race over numerous circuits inspired by the Chocobo and Final Fantasy series, such as Cid’s Test Track, the streets of Alexandria and Zozo, and the Gold Saucer, some of which are already included in the traditional Chocobo Racing.

Chocobo GP will be released for the Nintendo Switch in 2022.

Watch the announcement trailer of Chocobo GP down below.