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8 Things We Want Most in Future Fall Guys Updates

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Season Three of Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched a few days ago. Several of us at GF365 have been enjoying the new stages, obstacles, and costumes.

The “Winter Knockout” theme and Season Three-exclusive Main Show is timed perfectly and the fresh ideas are welcome. The design for the winter stages fits as well as the mittens on all those cute little bean guy hands. Plus, all the new cosmetic stuff to unlock throughout the season looks adorable. 

There seems to be more brand-new stuff right out of the gates than Season 2, which is fantastic. But the room for more stage variants, quality-of-life improvements, and other possibilities is wide open. While playing the Season Three stages in a recent session with Angel, the two of us brainstormed all the different things (within the realm of possibility) that might make Fall Guys even better with future updates.

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The following list of ideas was what we strongly agreed on. Some admittedly seem like no-brainers for Mediatonic – less a matter of “if,” more a matter of “when”.

8 | Switch and Xbox Versions with Full Cross-Platform Support

Pointing out one of those big no-brainers, it would be lovely to see Fall Guys release on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. (I could even see it work on Android and iOS.) One of the first things everyone says is that Fall Guys seems like a perfect fit for Switch. It’s bizarre that the game hasn’t already made its way to more platforms than just the PC and PS4.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Xbox One

Whenever that day comes, I really hope that full support for cross-platform multiplayer is not too much to ask. Fall Guys has already given me truly wonderful gaming moments with friends in 2020. The only improvement would be adding more potential friends to play with. 

7 | More Reloads for Shop Items

After building up a hefty savings of kudos and dozens of crowns that I was rewarded for reaching max level in Season Two, I have a lot of free Fall Guys currency lying around. The problem is not that I have not spent a lot; the problem is that the selection of cosmetics in the store does not refresh and rotate frequently enough.

I’ve been waiting for the full Bulletkin costume from Enter the Gungeon (shown above) to reappear for a few months now. I finally have enough crowns to buy both the upper and lower parts, but they just haven’t appeared in the rotation. I feel like there could be a few more choices/item slots at any given time – maybe covering a larger range of prices – for things that are usually sold for kudos and items sold for crowns. Perhaps some of the usual crown items could be discounted and sold for kudos, and the expensive kudos items could be sold for a couple of crowns.

In fact, I would be willing to spend a certain amount of in-game currency for the option to ditch one of the selected store items, even if it was once per day. Maybe there could be a fee of 1,000 kudos to randomly draw another regular item. They could charge 2,000 kudos or a crown to recycle one of the featured item slots. Obviously, this would still require you to spend the standard amount for whatever comes up next.

6 | Trades & Requests for Cosmetic Items

There are plenty of different cosmetic items, thanks to all of the variety added in Seasons Two and Three. As rewards for leveling up throughout each season, some of the cosmetics were not as great as others. Many ended up cluttering up the menus used to customize your jellybean guy. I actually earned the PS4 trophy earlier this week for buying 50 different items from the store. And as I said before, I have been stockpiling my stuff a bit more than I would normally like. 

It would be great for players to have the choice to do more with all this extra stuff – and that includes the store items that you might like to trade back in for a couple of extra kudos. The best route would probably include having the freedom to trade items among friends or other players. A trade request system similar to something like Rocket League would work well. Also, it seems silly that you cannot currently send gifts to another player – not even something that you already have purchased or unlocked in your personal collection.

5 | Kudos & XP Bonuses for Top Qualifiers

One of the biggest gripes I have with Fall Guys is the reward and progression system. My issue is pretty straightforward, actually. The rewards for placing in each round are not weighted well at all. That is especially for those who place high but don’t come in first. It isn’t really a huge deal, but it definitely leads to some events where better players rightfully could feel shafted and griefers in team events may feel less motivated to actually make an effort to use teamwork. 

The first place qualifier in race events – and the winning group/top team in the survival and team stages – are always the top earners, which makes perfect sense. Strangely, all of the following players between second place and 20 percent of the remaining field earn exactly the same reward for kudos and XP. This means the second-best finisher is just as well off as the guy who ends up in 12th from the starting group of 60.

As I said, in the wrong situations, this gives trolls plenty of additional fuel to burn and berate you. I think the solution would be to reward the top three qualifiers with larger bonuses in solo events, and for those who end up in the lowest percentage near the bottom, the reward is either less or nothing more than the chance to keep qualifying in the next round.

4 | More Main Shows & Tours in Show Selector

Look, I’m not going to mince words here: the “Big Yeetus Tour” that was available for roughly the last two weeks of Season Two was the greatest type of Fall Guys variant so far, bar none. The crushing force of the brightly-colored, spinning mallet was more than enough to send the jellybean guys soaring. It most often resulted in hilariously chaotic situations. It was also possible to use the newly-introduced obstacle with some skill and precision if you were up for the risk.

Big Yeetus Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

I’m not saying I need it as a permanent fixture, though I’d gladly accept it. I would still want more playlists, more stage rotations, and more variants to choose from in the same vein as the Big Yeetus Tour. The limited choices at any given time in the Show Selector probably helps to keep things running as smoothly as possible on the technical end, but more variety would add a lot of spice to the cycle of Main Shows.

One of my favorite ideas is a “Hardcore” playlist with a rotation of just the hardest Fall Guys stages: Slime Climb, Fruit Chute, Freezy Peak, etc. Another could have more team-based games, available only to duos or parties of players – absolutely no solo games.

This brings me to the next point…  

3 | More Layouts & Rule Changes for Existing Stages

This is where the ideas become a bit more hypothetical and not as much of an obvious possibility. Angel and I both agreed that there are a few existing stages that absolutely scream for some rule changes or new winning conditions. Others could definitely benefit from alternative layouts, obstacle placements, etc.

One obvious, game-changing example is just tossing some of the icy patches from the Winter Knockout events into stuff like Gate Crash, The Whirlygig, and Slime Climb. Just imagine that one for a moment!

Another thought: some of the “Finisher” stages like Fall Mountain could be adapted to standard race courses. Races like Slime Climb or Freezy Peak could be toughened up a bit and used as Final Round events. If nothing else, an alternate style or seasonal theme applied to some of the levels would only make Fall Guys even more colorful and vibrant.

Mostly, I would like to see the less-functional games revamped somehow, or phased out slowly. My top picks at the moment: Hoarders, Egg Scramble, and Tail Tag.

First, Tail Tag’s timer really just needs to be reduced to something more tolerable than 90 seconds. I refuse to touch the controller until the last 15-20 seconds – just to cut down on the total amount of time I spend anxiously playing the stage – without having much more impact on the outcome.

Egg Scramble needs to be completely rebuilt with goal areas that are not as wide open. Sure, Egg Siege did a lot to fix this, but Scramble still comes up in the rotation to spoil things.


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The worst offender is probably Hoarders, which needs to be scored differently. The points should be accumulated based on the time that each ball stays within the team’s goal zone. This would make for a much better game to play than the current rules even allow. Nothing in Fall Guys is worse than being eliminated from a solid episode in the third or fourth round after losing Hoarders in the last fraction of a second, despite leading every other moment of the round.

Ideas like these would revitalize the events that are already in the game. Plus, it seems this would be simpler than making all-new levels while leaving the door open for plenty of those as well. On that note…

2 | New Stages – Slime Sling & Snowball Sling 

We are perfectly aware that we are not level designers and also that Mediatonic is doing wonders with most of the events in Fall Guys. That said, Season Three’s Winter Knockout theme really whiffed on an opportunity involving snowballs. I mean this quite literally: none of the new stages utilize the throwing of snowballs, which seems like the most Fall Guys thing that they could have added to the icy season. It’s even in the promos and official artwork, as shown below.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout snowballs

I have to give all the credit to Angel for this concept of a new Fall Guys stage, but I’m claiming the choice of names: Snow Sling and Sling Slime.

These games could both revolve around two or three teams. In Snow Sling, snowballs must be picked up from the center of the stage using the grab button, just like the eggs in Egg Siege. They’d be carried back and loaded into something like a slingshot or trebuchet. Once a snowball (or even multiple snowballs) is set in place, the team has to cooperate to pull back, aim, and fire at the other players.

The team that wins would be the one that hits the opposition the most – or perhaps the one that is hit the least. Maybe there could be some sort of way to block incoming snowballs, such as standing out in front to shield your teammates. Naturally, in true Fall Guys fashion, any player who gets directly creamed should be utterly covered in snow, sent comically flailing, and tumbling across the stage upon impact.

The winter season would not even be mandatory for this type of game to work. Instead of snowballs, the slingshots could be loaded with slime balls, which eventually cover the losing team in pink slime. Imagine Fall Guys crossed with Splatoon. It is simple, cute, and it even fits the themes that are already in the game from each of the three seasons so far.

Finally, we come to…

1 | Stage Editor/Builder

Could it really be anything else in the top spot?*

Fall Guys screams for a stage editor. In a dream world, it’s a proper stage editor, where there isn’t much of a ceiling for potential opportunities. Even something that was simple or basic would be a lovely treat from Mediatonic. Hell, even just having options to tinker slightly with existing stages would be really cool, using the current obstacles, themes, and so on.

But something so simple is really just the surface level of what a stage editor could do for Fall Guys. Just think about something with full community support and extensive customizable options. Think of all this, especially with the backing of Mediatonic and the entire Fall Guys community that exists on Twitch, Twitter, etc. The possibilities could only expand as new obstacles, stages, and game types come to the game – which seems all but inevitable in upcoming seasons.

Perhaps the best of these community-created stages or layout variants – as indicated via upvotes – could even be shared online, or built upon and remixed again. What if the top-rated stuff was even included to be featured among the standard events of a Main Show? Wouldn’t that be cool?

*I’m aware that Mediatonic discussed the idea of a stage editor a while ago, but it’s still the most intriguing and obvious idea of something potentially huge that could come later on down the road.


It might sound like we are still wanting a ton of things from Fall Guys, and this definitely isn’t the case. On the contrary, I think my favorite part of this game – the reason it still stands as my favorite new release of 2020 – is that it has provided me with pure joy since its release in August. There just isn’t another way to put it. It’s the amount of fun I know will just be there to be laughed at, cursed at, and played along with, casually alongside friends.

It’s a rush just knowing that there’s still more to be seen, more shenanigans and obnoxious fun yet to be had. At this pace, midseason updates will keep it interesting. I truly cannot wait to see what the new content will be in the forthcoming seasons.

No doubt, Fall Guys won’t lose its charm on me – at least, not as long as the charming coos, chirps, and clucks of those little bean guys can keep making me laugh so much, and smiling so damn hard.

What would you like to see added to Fall Guys? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!