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Fall Guys gets frosty for Season 3 next week

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3

With Season 2 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout coming to a close, Mediatonic is slowly unveiling some of the new stuff headed to its smash hit in Season 3.

Fall Guys is getting a winter-based Season 3 within the next week. Fans of the popular battle royale can expect to see new stages, obstacles, and winter-themed costumes for the adorable little bean guys.

The official Fall Guys Twitter has been teasing the new content for Season 3 over the past few weeks. The Twitter page is just as oddly adorable, charming, and hilarious as the game itself. You can clearly see the whole aesthetic of the community, starting with the people who created this ridiculous little game.

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There is actually a poll that asks the community to decide on the official name for the newest obstacle. The current winning name for the bell-like object is “Ringus Dingus.” (Because of course it is – Ringus Dingus is one of the most Fall Guys-sounding things I’ve ever heard, second only to Big Yeetus.)

Mediatonic posted the image above to tease the new Season 3 costumes. They look to be (from left to right) a Reindeer, a Candle, a Figure Skater, and a Hockey Player. They’ll each be officially unveiled in the next few days on the four social media platforms designated on their little bean tummies.

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Finally, as you can see below, Mediatonic has been teasing another new costume for Fall Guys pretty hard, asking fans if they are ready to “gear up” in a post that included the image above. Clearly, that is the iconic “Doom Guy,” which seems so wildly out of place for Fall Guys that it almost comes full circle and makes perfect sense.

As one of the fans of Fall Guys whose interest in the game has not waned at all since it launched in August, I have been excited for Season 3 for weeks. Some of this new stuff looks and sounds really interesting. So I’m looking forward to trying it out for myself.

I’d love to see slippery, icy conditions on pre-existing courses with new variants that also incorporate the new bell thing, which I think will surely be called the Ringus freakin’ Dingus.