Let’s Try Weird West on Xbox Series X

If you like games set in the Wild West, we have something that you might enjoy. Let’s try Weird West on Xbox Series X. Devolver Digital has another unique game. Weird West is an action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy reimagining of the Wild West. It’s a world where gunslingers share the frontier with fantastical … Read more

Dropsy launches on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch just got a new adventure game as Dropsy dropped today. Devolver Digital is out with its latest game on Nintendo Switch. Dropsy launched today on the console. If you haven’t heard of it, this “hugventure” was first released on PC via Steam back in 2015. Here’s a description of the game from … Read more

Sifu Review

Sifu Vengeance Edition

Sifu’s striking visuals and tough, well designed combat encounters make for an exhilarating but often frustrating experience. It’s interesting having had two unforgiving games released in the same month: Devolver and Sloclap’s Sifu and FromSoftware’s latest title. However, much like Elden Ring, Sifu offers an incredible challenge, one that comes with the same sense of … Read more

Death’s Door, the new game from Devolver Digital, is now available

Death’s Door, the quirky fantasy action-adventure from Acid Nerve (the Titan Souls developers) and Devolver Digital, is now available! Death’s Door heralds the long-awaited comeback of creators Acid Nerve, as Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker stated: “We can rebuild them. We have the technology. We can make them better than they were. Better, stronger, faster. … Read more

ID@Xbox and Twitch partner for Indie Showcase

The indie publishing arm of Xbox and Twitch are hosting an Indie Showcase on March 26. Expect to see more than a hundred games during the event. According to ID@Xbox via Xbox Wire: We’re featuring tons of independent titles, including brand new game announcements from developers and publishers such as DrinkBox Studios, Curve Digital, Devolver … Read more

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is also coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is back in the news this morning. Indie developer Mediatonic confirmed today that the battle royale is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The news follows yesterday’s Nintendo Direct in which Mediatonic announced that Fall Guys is coming to the Switch. Both the Switch and Xbox versions are expected … Read more

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Nintendo Switch

It’s official. After suggestions and rumors, Devolver Digital is bringing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to the Nintendo Switch. The news was revealed during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation. And while you’ll have to wait a little while – it’s not coming until summer 2021 – at least it is now confirmed. The hit indie game is … Read more

Fall Guys’ Live-Action Holiday Trailer is Intensely Wholesome

GameTrailers has posted a new, live-action “Special Holiday Trailer” for Fall Guys: Season Three. Season Three of Fall Guys is nicknamed “Winter Knockout” because it is based on snowy courses, holiday themes, and ice-covered obstacles. RELATED STORIES: 8 Things We Want Most in Future Fall Guys Updates Check out the trailer below. And as a … Read more

8 Things We Want Most in Future Fall Guys Updates

Season Three of Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launched a few days ago. Several of us at GF365 have been enjoying the new stages, obstacles, and costumes. The “Winter Knockout” theme and Season Three-exclusive Main Show is timed perfectly and the fresh ideas are welcome. The design for the winter stages fits as well as … Read more

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout kicks off icy Season 3

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3 is out now with a new winter theme. As Cliff mentioned a few days ago, the new season is filled with a ton of new content. Since this season is celebrating winter, expect to see season-appropriate costumes, obstacles, and courses. I hope you don’t mind slipping on ice! We … Read more

Pikuniku is free at Epic Games Store

Starting today, Pikuniku is free at Epic Games Store. The free game offer runs until October 8 at 11 AM Eastern. Once you claim it, it’s yours to keep. Pikuniku comes from indie developer Sectordub and publisher Devolver Digital. In the game, players “help peculiar characters overcome struggles, uncover a deep state conspiracy, and start … Read more

Fall Guys is now the most downloaded PS Plus game, Steam sales top 7 million

Big news today in the world of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Sony has announced that it is officially the most downloaded PlayStation Plus title of all time. But that’s not all… Publisher Devolver Digital revealed a new sales milestone today. The game just topped 7 million units sold on PC via Steam. Impressively, the figure … Read more

Fall Guys update adds inverted controls on PS4, teams must be equal size

The latest Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout patch brings an inverted camera option to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. Plus, team modes will only be selected now if the teams are of an equal size. Developer Mediatonic detailed the new patch in a tweet on Sunday morning. It’s the second update for the game … Read more

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout update removes back-to-back team games

The latest Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout update brings a few changes to the battle royale party game. Among them: no more back-to-back team games. Removing consecutive team games has been a request of the community, so the developers at Mediatonic are paying attention. The news was confirmed on Twitter. Here’s the tweet that was sent … Read more

Carrion Review: A brutally fun reverse horror game

If you’ve ever wanted to play as the monster from a horror film, Carrion just might be the game for you. Phobia Game Studio’s Carrion is a “reverse-horror” game where you play as an ungodly monster terrorizing unsuspecting scientists and guards. Think of it as a 2D Resident Evil if you could play as Nemesis … Read more

Fall Guys sells 2 million copies on Steam, despite being free on PS Plus

Devolver Digital shared pretty impressive sales numbers for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout earlier this morning. It has sold 2 million copies on PC via Steam since its launch last week. The number is even more impressive considering that the game is free on PlayStation Plus for PS4. But that apparently is not stopping people from … Read more