Harvest Days
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Harvest Days has a new Steam Early Access release date

Harvest Days

One of the most anticipated indie farm management games is coming to Steam Early Access.

Harvest Days, a new game coming to Steam Early Access, has been delayed by a month. Since its introduction at Steam’s Next Fest in February, this endearing life simulation game has grown in breadth and scale.

A new game in the farm management genre

Harvest Days transports you away from the hustle and bustle of city life and into the broad plains, where you may live, work, manage, and relax as you take on your new position as an independent farmer.

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The meticulously crafted environment is there to be explored and enjoyed, whether it’s caring for your animals, maintaining your farm, or cultivating your fields with a variety of crops and flora.

Harvest Days

Harvest Days forges its own route in the ever-popular life simulator genre, allowing you to rest, unwind, and see your dreams develop. If you work hard, you will be rewarded with your own farming paradise.

A demo that provided a lot of feedback

As a result of player feedback from the demo published at Steam’s Next Fest in February, not only will controller support be added in the next months, but also a game map, more than 50 more crops, electric scooters, and an entirely new desert environment.

Harvest Days is available on Steam Early Access starting on May 12.

Watch the game trailer down below!