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Sacred Fire is a narrative RPG out now on Steam Early Access

Sacred Fire

Every choice counts in the psychological RPG Sacred Fire. It features the voice of Geralt of Rivia himself, Doug Cockle.

Sacred Fire, a new game by Poetic Studio and publisher Iceberg Interactive, is now available via Steam Early Access. In Sacred Fire, you play as a fugitive pursued by Rome, your movements hampered by fear and fury. Develop your willpower to determine story choices and fighting strategies, allowing you to outwit opponents and earn friends.

A must-try RPG experience

The first of three acts is now available in Early Access, with the remaining two coming as significant free upgrades in the coming months, along with ongoing art and balance improvements. Poetic intends to include the community in the game’s development by fleshing out the plot and integrating comments.

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In Sacred Fire, you may construct your own hero’s body and mind, as well as customize your look and attributes that will define your playstyle. Furthermore, you may enjoy the flexibility of choice and interpretation to tell your own tale. Follow your progress through a sophisticated tale with no filler events and plenty of chances to utilize your wits to succeed.

Sacred Fire is now available in Early Access on PC for $17.99 plus a 10% discount on both Steam and GOG. A free demo is also available on Steam.

Watch the Steam Early Access launch trailer of Poetic Studio’s new game down below!