Sony bought Insomniac for $229 million

Last year, Sony bought the legendary game developer Insomniac. Now we know how much they paid to acquire one of the top studios in the industry. According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Sony paid $229 million US dollars for the studio behind the PS4 hit Marvel’s Spider-Man. The acquisition was “mainly paid in … Read more

PS4 game sales topped 1 billion in 2019

Sony has announced that PS4 passed another significant sales milestone. As of December 31, 2019, the console had sold 1.181 billion games. The PS4 is selling games at an attachment rate of almost 10 games for every one console sold. That puts its attachment rate on par with PS2, which sold 1.53 billion games and … Read more

10 Reasons Why I Still Love PlayStation, 25 Years Later

Blink long enough and twenty-five years might pass. At least that’s what it feels like with the original PlayStation, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. Sony’s iconic disc-based gray console debuted in Japan on December 3, 1994. Throughout its 10+ year run, the PS1 sold over 100 million units worldwide and laid the foundation … Read more

PlayStation is celebrating its 25th anniversary

The original PlayStation is a quarter-century old this week. The first PlayStation console debuted in Japan on December 3, 1994. It went on to sell over 100 million units worldwide, becoming the top-selling video game system in history at the time. Its immediate follow-up, the PlayStation 2, surpassed it in global sales. PS2 remains the … Read more

Sony now owns the rights to Sunset Overdrive

Sony gained the rights to Sunset Overdrive after purchasing Insomniac Games. That’s according to a report from PlayStation fan site Push Square. The developer behind hits like Marvel’s Spider-Man and the Ratchet & Clank series generally already released their titles exclusively on PlayStation platforms. That exclusive relationship changed with the release of Sunset Overdrive, which was … Read more