Blankos Block Party officially launches with Godzilla collaboration

Blankos Block Party has left early access. Season One features the monsters Godzilla and Mothra. After a year in early access, Blankos Block Party has officially launched with Season One content. The game has grown a community of builders, creators, and players of over a million accounts. It’s the first web3 game on the Epic … Read more

Mark Venturelli goes hard on NFTs, play to earn at International Games Festival

Mark Venturelli BIG 2022 NFTs presentation

The presentation of the Brazilian developer raised a lot of controversy inside and outside the event. Since the advent of the blockchain, video game developers have been analyzing how to introduce this technology into games. This decentralized technology is currently helping to ensure data security and economy on the Internet. But, in the last few … Read more

Hackers stole $615 million from crypto NFT game Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is the latest in a string of crypto-related hacks. You may recall that last summer, we asked “Is Axie Infinity the next Pokémon?“ The game quickly became the largest crypto game on the market. It relies on NFTs with digital monsters selling for over a thousand dollars. In July, it was worth $1.5 … Read more

Haste Arcade offers play to earn with instant leaderboard payouts

Haste Arcade makes use of blockchain technology to allow gamers to profit from the things they already do. At CES 2022, Haste Arcade unveiled its new Instant Leaderboard Payout system, which rewards gamers who top the leaderboard within the arcade system using blockchain technology and micropayments. At this year’s CES, this start-up was a part … Read more

Zynga hires Matt Wolf as VP of blockchain gaming

Mobile publisher and developer Zynga, with the hiring of Matt Wolf as VP, seeks to reaffirm its intentions to enter blockchain gaming. Zynga has announced the hiring of Matt Wolf as Vice President of Blockchain Gaming. With experience in the world of video games, blockchain, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Matt Wolf’s inclusion looks to introduce … Read more

Mythical Games announces new partners for blockchain-based marketplace

Mythical Games plans to bring play-to-earn economics to games with three key developers. This week, Mythical Games revealed its first developer partners for its new Mythical platform. This innovative platform provides developers and businesses with a mechanism for creating or integrating playable blockchain-based economies into games, allowing players, content producers, and brands to gain a … Read more

MetalCore is an upcoming NFT mech game

MetalCore Foundation has revealed a new game, the eponymous MetalCore. It joins the list of promising blockchain-based video games. MetalCore Foundation, in conjunction with Studio 369, announced at @NFT.NYC a new blockchain-based game called MetalCore. This new NFT-powered title is a mechanized first-person combat game set in a vast, open world where players may engage in … Read more

FreeCash app lets you play to earn Paypal, Bitcoin, and gift cards

The Freecash website and app lets you earn coins and cashout for PayPal credit, prepaid credit cards, cryptocurrencies, CS:GO skins, and gift cards. All you have to do is play free games and earn. is a play-to-earn website that collaborates with some of the finest offer wall and market research firms to give you … Read more

Star Atlas Interview: An MMO built on Solana blockchain

Play-to-earn gaming models and the potential of the “metaverse” are getting a lot of attention at the moment. Star Atlas is an in-development MMO built on Unreal Engine 5 and the Solana blockchain that combines both. We recently sat down for an interview with Michael Wagner, co-founder and CEO at Star Atlas. Let’s talk about you guys. … Read more

Is Axie Infinity the next Pokémon?

Everyone has heard of Pokémon. But have you heard of Axie Infinity? No? You’d probably be surprised to hear that the blockchain-based game is currently worth $1.5 billion. Axie Infinity is an NFT-based online game that uses cryptocurrency. Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis developed the Ethereum-based game, which relies on two separate crypto assets: Axie Infinity … Read more