Bungie is working with Sony on unannounced projects

Bungie PlayStation

A senior studio executive at Bungie has confirmed “a number of unannounced projects” with Sony. Bungie was associated with Microsoft for most of its history. But, as of January 2022, Bungie became part of PlayStation Studios. One of the main objectives of the merger was the creation of new games and online projects. However, neither … Read more

Halo boss Bonnie Ross is leaving 343 Industries

Bonnie Ross is leaving 343 Industries. Halo boss and the head of 343 Industries, Bonnie Ross, announced on Monday that she is stepping down from her role. Ross cited a family medical issue for her departure. The full statement was posted on Twitter: While I had hoped to stay with Halo until we released the … Read more

Sony says Bungie is now officially part of PlayStation

PlayStation Bungie

The Bungie deal officially closed today. The studio is now part of PlayStation. Sony’s $3.6 billion acquisition of Bungie is complete. Jim Ryan announced back in February that Bungie would become an “autonomous subsidiary” of Sony Interactive Entertainment. That deal is now complete. “Bungie will continue to publish its upcoming video games on multiple platforms … Read more

Destiny developer Bungie goes remote-first in seven states

The developer behind Destiny 2 is now a remote-first company for most of its positions. Bungie said this week that it is committed to remote work. In a post on Twitter, the company said that “most current and future roles will be fully remote eligible in these states with more coming soon.” RELATED STORY: Sony … Read more

Destiny 2 limited edition Savathûn the Witch Queen statue pre-orders open

Witch Queen Destiny

With the arrival of the new Destiny 2 expansion comes perhaps one of the most detailed limited edition figures of the game. Numskull Design, Bungie, and Just Geek have joined up once again to deliver Destiny 2 fans another fantastic statue. Savathûn the Witch Queen, the deceptive Hive God behind some of Destiny 2‘s worst … Read more

Sony buys Bungie, creators of Halo and Destiny

PlayStation Bungie

Bungie, the firm behind Destiny 2 and famed for creating the Halo franchise, has been purchased by Sony for $3.6 billion. Bungie will become an “autonomous subsidiary” of Sony Interactive Entertainment, according to information released in a blog post authored by Jim Ryan, President & CEO of SIE. The studio will not only continue to … Read more

Just Geek celebrates Halo’s 20th anniversary with limited edition merch

We are just over a month away from the 20th anniversary of Halo, and the release of Halo Infinite is not long after that. Just Geek is celebrating with new merch for fans. Halo is one of the most successful video game franchises in history. Microsoft has a lot to thank Halo and Bungie for … Read more

Halo Infinite teams with Kellogg’s for double XP promotion

Grab a pack of Cheez-It Grooves, Pop-Tarts, Pringles or Bear Naked and claim a 2XP boost in Halo Infinite. The long-awaited release of Master Chief and Halo‘s famous and innovative multiplayer mode is almost approaching. Kellogg’s has teamed up with Bungie and 343 Industries to give a double boost of experience in Halo: Infinite as … Read more

The iconic Lord Shaxx helmet from Destiny 2 is now available at Just Geek

Fans will rejoice with the new Lord Shaxx helmet from Bungie’s iconic game Destiny 2. Just Geek’s Destiny product catalog has been updated with a new collectible item. Numskull has collaborated with Bungie once more to bring us the famous Lord Shaxx helmet, a copy of which can be found in Destiny. Lord Shaxx, the … Read more

Destiny 2 gets optimized for Xbox Series X tomorrow

Nearly a month after Microsoft’s next-gen console launch, Bungie is releasing its optimizations for Xbox Series X and S. The free update hits tomorrow. Cross-gen play was enabled on November 10, but the launch day update – which coincided with Destiny 2: Beyond Light – did not include support for enhanced graphics. That’s about to … Read more

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep and Forsaken are available now on Xbox Game Pass

The two latest Destiny 2 expansions, Forsaken and Shadowkeep, are both now free on Xbox One with Xbox Game Pass. You may recall that Destiny 2 went free-to-play last fall alongside the launch of Shadowkeep. However, the expansions still cost players money after the transition to a F2P model and the launch on Steam. DEALS … Read more

Halo 3: ODST now available in The Master Chief Collection on PC

Microsoft announced today that Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC has been updated to include Halo 3: ODST. Halo 3: ODST was originally released in September 2009 on Xbox 360. The game was envisioned as a side project to Halo 3 but morphed into a full game. It was the top-selling game of 2009. … Read more

Bungie reveals Destiny 2: Beyond Light

In a parallel universe, E3 kicks off today. And along with it are a number of game announcements, including Destiny 2: Beyond Light. But that’s not the world we live in. E3 was scheduled for June 9, but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The stay-at-home orders and social distancing – which have … Read more

Halo: Reach is the best game in the franchise since Halo 2

Now that Halo: Reach has been added to the Master Chief Collection on PC, it’s as good a time as ever to argue that the game is the best in the franchise since Halo 2 on the original Xbox. Halo: Reach is technically the fifth game in the franchise, but chronologically, it’s the first game … Read more

Destiny 2 preloading live on Steam ahead of transition, Shadowkeep expansion

Destiny 2 is going to have a big next couple of weeks as the game transitions from Battle.net to Steam, goes free-to-play, and sees the release of the Shadowkeep expansion. To make the transition a little easier, Bungie announced today that pre-loading is now available on Steam. This should help ease pressure on their servers … Read more

Destiny Review

Destiny is a game that promised the moon: a persistent online world with dynamic environments, MMO elements, on-the-fly matchmaking, and next-gen graphics, all wrapped in a sci-fi storyline that would put Halo – Bungie’s former beloved series – to shame. And while you do, in fact, get to travel to the moon, it does not … Read more

Bungie Reveals Destiny’s Staggering Player Statistics

Bungie revealed some absolutely ridiculous stats about Destiny players and the amount of time spent in the game since its release. According to Bungie and Activision, there are almost 13 million Destiny players collectively on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network – more specifically, PSN IDs or Gamertags that have “jumped on and played Destiny.” Get ready for some even bigger … Read more