Bloomberg reporter confirms rumored name and location of next Assassin’s Creed game

Not only that, the possible arrival of Infinity and two possible new games in the series were also mentioned. At the beginning of the last decade, Ubisoft was on everyone’s lips. From the releases of the best Assassin’s Creed games for many to the Just Dance games. Ubisoft was simply on another level. A sign … Read more

Reddit user meets Jesus and Lucifer in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

“Oh wait… this guy is dressed as Jesus Christ, and this guy is dressed as Lucifer. What the hell?” Today I was taking a walk through the backwaters of Reddit and ended up in the Elden Ring subreddit. In the beginning, I saw a player who designed his character as Will Smith who was slapping … Read more

Battlefield 2042 mods warn players after receiving insults and threats on social media

Since launch, the team has had a difficult job not only with the development of the game but also with the community. Despite the hype surrounding Battlefield 2042 during the previous two years, the game’s debut was difficult, not just because it was published while still in production but also because the online community made … Read more

You can play Silent Hills P.T. now on VR

You can take the terrifying experience of the cancelled Silent Hills one step further with this new fan version. The existence of the remarkable P.T. demo developed by Hideo Kojima of what was to be his next Silent Hills game, which was cancelled months before the famed Konami video game director’s departure, may be unknown … Read more

Warfield 100 is an impressive fan-made Battlefield 2042 Portal Battle Royale mode

The community was hoping for a Battlefield Battle Royale, and one Reddit user made it happen. After EA confirmed that Battlefield 2042 would not have the long-awaited Battle Royale for the fans, one of the most anticipated game modes of the game was Portal. Not only because of the nostalgia of being able to play … Read more

E3 2021 broadcasts on Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and more

The ESA has announced the social media and video platforms where you can catch this year’s official E3 2021 broadcast. E3 is partnering with Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, and more. In collaboration with E3, each live streaming and video content service will broadcast E3 events and activities. Plus, each social media site will … Read more

Xbox Series X logo revealed

We now have the Xbox Series X logo. It was revealed in a new trademark application filed on April 16. The logo is simple, clean, and elegant. The description on the application notes that “the mark consists of the word SERIES in a vertical formation to the right of which appears a stylized letter X.” … Read more