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Here’s a list of Xbox One games supporting Smart Delivery on Series X and S

Xbox Series X

One big advantage of the Xbox Series X and S is that you can bring your Xbox One games with you. Not only does it support backward compatibility but also Smart Delivery, a free next-gen upgrade for certain titles.

We wrote a story a while back explaining what’s the difference between backward compatibility and Smart Delivery. In short, Smart Delivery lets you play games across different generations of Xbox consoles. So if you buy a game on Xbox One and want to later play the Xbox Series X version after you upgrade systems, Smart Delivery allows you to do it for free.

Microsoft has said that their games will support Smart Delivery, but they decided to leave it up to third parties to decide for their games. Over the past months, Microsoft and various third parties have announced a number of Xbox One and Xbox Series X games that will support Smart Delivery.

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We’ve compiled a list of the supported games based on our own reporting, third-party announcements, and information posted on the official Xbox.com website. We hope that this is a useful resource for you.

Also, to make sure that this list stays current, we’ll update it as more games are confirmed. So bookmark this page and check back in the lead-up to the Xbox Series X and S launch on November 10!

Supported Games

This list of supported games will be updated as publishers confirm that they are supporting Smart Delivery. If you are a developer or publisher with a Smart Delivery announcement, contact us.

Find out more about how Smart Delivery works.

Are we missing any games? Let us know in the comments!